Photo Courtesy of John Curley

You’ve worked hard for the past 25 years. Isn’t it time for you to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour? You have your legacy and a community has been created to support it. Some of your collegues have happily settled into retirement life. Folks such as John Law and Flash have moved on to greener astroturf. Consider relaxing into retirement at the Black Rock City Retirement Community.

It is fitting the this year’s theme for Burning Man is Fertility 2.0. Retirement is a rebirth of sorts. A common misperception of retirement is that one is no longer able to continue work or is needed. Indeed, the opposite is true. Retirement allows you a greater freedom than possible when working and tied to a job. No longer will you need to coordinate the logistics of hosting a 50,000+ person event when retired. Think of how you will be able to see the art on the playa with a fresh set of eyes or visit creative theme camps such as Costco Soulmate Trading Outlet ™. Retirement allows you to experience Burning Man in a completely different and fresh way.

The Black Rock City Retirement Community provides a space where retirees can reflect back on their hard work with pride. Visitors will be encouraged to stop by and listen to stories of years past. In fact, since you will be provided with a megaphone upon enrollment visitors don’t even need to stop to hear you. You can recall past experiences while sipping a freshly made libation (courtesy of our Nurses Station).

Here at The Black Rock City Retirement Community we understand how it was better in years past. Let’s celebrate that past. Contact one of our caring and attentive sales representatives today.


With our rapidly aging population children are now having to bear the weight and responsibility of taking care of their retired parents. It can be a stressful situation but it can be avoided. Black Rock City Retirement Community is now offering a Pre-Payment Program for children of vintage burners.

Starting today, children can arrange pre-payments into BRC-RC to secure a spot for their dusty golden parents when it comes time for a more assisted living arrangement.

What does this living arrangement include?

  • The highest quality nurses to attend to your needs
  • Libations from the Nurses Station
  • Leisure Coordinators to keep you active and healthy
  • Walking assistance such as a walker or a cane
  • Prime real estate on our porch in one of our comfortable rocking chairs
  • A megaphone

No longer will children have to worry about living their own life while having to take care of Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad will be well cared for at Black Rock City Retirement Community. Contact us today about our Pre-Payment Program and take the worry out your burn.

The Black Rock City Retirement Community is a space where vintage burners can retire in style. Our leisure coordinators will keep you active as you settle into your dusty golden years. We have recruited the finest nurses to ensure your comfort and health is tended to.

You can look forward to activities such as walker racing, crossing the street, Grampage, chair exercise, and bingo nights.

Imagine a place where you can sit in your rocking chair on the finest of astro-turf while enjoying the hustle and bustle of Burning Man unfold around you. Not only will you be able to enjoy libations from the Nurses Station you will be welcome to tell those kids to

  • “Get off my lawn!”
  • “You’re doing it wrong!”
  • “Slow down!”
  • “Back in my day, we used to….”

Our dining room has taken in all considerations. No longer will you have to worry about chewing your bacon. We’ll have bacon bits. At your request we can also puree your bacon.

If you consider the pace of Burning Man too much, consider the Black Rock City Retirement Community and welcome home.

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